CH-REP.com is a platform run by experts with many years of experience in the medical device industry.

Our intention is to ensure that the good and established medical devices continue to be available in Switzerland.

The effort and costs for the foreign manufacturer as well as for the Swiss importer and distributor should be kept as low as possible. It goes without saying that we comply with all the requirements of the Swiss Medical Devices Ordinance when fulfilling our obligations. 

CH-REP.COM offers customized, product-specific services for foreign manufacturers as well as for importers and distributors in Siwtzerland.

The partners of CH-REP.com are your direct contractual partners. Availability, accessibility and continuity are guaranteed by the close cooperation of the partners.



PARTNER for the CH-REP role

The partners of CH-REP.com are available as Swiss Authorised Representatives for foreign manufacturers.

GOLD partner of CH-REP.com:

and other qualified and competent partners.

Partner for the role as EC-REP and UK-REP

As a partner for the role of EC-REP and UK-REP we maintain a cooperation with International Associates Limited, which is available for Swiss manufacturers as your Authorised Representative or responsible person in Europe and the UK.

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